Angry wife, How to deal with her?

Angry wife, How to deal with her?


We observe in our daily life, a lot of people angry about small matters. Even we don’t know the reality behind the matter. It just because of the way of life and self-nature. If you deal with your angry wife, So calm down and relax. Listen to her and Think about the matter. Maybe someone misguides or misleading her.
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If you talk politely with her and try to teach her the reality. It is possible, your angry wife understands it and loves you more. you will observe that rude and angry people are everywhere. we are not able to control others’ behavior.  Here are some tried and true methods that smart people use to effectively deal with vulgar, rude, or angry wife.

1-Use humor to ease your angry wife:


The angry wife can create tension and anxiety in themselves and in everyone around them. Remember, they behave indecently because they are angry or upset.
Humor can create a diversion and break the tension, allowing everyone to laugh at it. You can do this by finding a way to laugh about a common situation, or by quizzing yourself about the shared experience you all have.  
Laugh it up! It's good for you!

2-Respond kindly with angry wife:


Don’t let your angry wife react to you anymore. One of the best ways to reduce anger and negative behavior is to be friendly and positive. This gives the other person the opportunity to calm down and adjust their behavior to fit in with you.

Kindness is a wonderful solution. It is very difficult to be kind to others who are overbearing or insults others. But by setting a calm and neat example, you can prompt them to follow your lead. If this doesn’t work, you can be proud to know that you haven’t lowered your standards.

3-Be a good role model:


We should recognize that some people use angry behavior as a way of dominating or displaying power.
 If you have a good role model and treating everyone with fairness, kindness, and empathy, you are demonstrating the behavior you expect from those around you.   

4-Sympathy behavior:


You should show sympathy if your angry wife does not respond to you well. you should try to understand why the person is behaving indecently.
Perhaps the person is facing a difficult situation in their personal life. If you understand and care about them and you can find a way to show them what they are doing, they will be more connected and lonely in their struggles.

 5-Realize that brutality is no stranger:


Brutality seems to be part of human nature. Being angry is an easy habit for most people. We often overlook or forget the importance of showing kindness, empathy, and understanding of others.
 we should look on that these negative behaviors are damaging our productivity, our happiness, and our health, then we can recognize the importance of stopping such behavior.

6-Stop the spiral of rudeness:


If we are not able to stop rude behavior, it may spread like a disease. An act of rudeness can easily overwhelm and cause other barbaric acts.
 A rude driver will cut in front of you on the way to work, causing you anger and frustration. You get those negative feelings from your work colleagues when you break up with colleagues for no real reason. Your co-workers, who feel miffed, then become grumpy and rude to others. So it goes.

  7-Do not take barbarism personally:


The first step to stopping the cycle of barbarism is to stop being rude personally. We all have bad days when the world seems to be hitting us.
All of this can be very tempting to take the world out, which means taking on someone who is really close to you. This happens to all of us, so realizing that the guilty person can have a bad day can put things into perspective.
They are dealing with something difficult when you get caught in their fire. You can often break the barbaric cycle by responding to bad behavior with your own
8-Call the person on his or her behavior:


There are various strategies to stop the spiral of anger is to call them out on their behavior and ask them to stop. If someone you can’t get away with is constantly angry to you, you should address the problem directly.
You do not need to take ongoing abuse from anyone. You should not allow anyone to treat you disrespectfully. If a person does not realize how vulgar he or she is. By getting to know the person, it makes sense to apologize to him or her and try to be more polite.  
9-Try to calm down:


When someone annoys you, your first instinct may be to back off. But remember, you can always have control over yourself. Choose not to give a play.
Don’t think about how another person treats you, you have to own your behavior. Keep your cool and calm down.
if someone is upsetting you or angry with you. Remember, you don’t have to stand up to their level, and doing so will only make things worse. Defend your honor and rise above the competition. 

10- Stay away for a while with your angry wife:


Remember that when everything else fails, sometimes it is best to walk away. If you do all you can to know his or her actions and try to show you kindness and empathy, this angry person may be incapable of treating you with dignity and good manners.
By avoiding rude people who are not accustomed, you remove their audience and give them lesser goals.
A shortage of spectators will also ease the situation. If everyone around you starts giving them a wide berth, maybe it will be a wake-up call.