It is a series of amazing stories. Bedtime stories for kids are full of adventure and fun. Stories are in simple wording So make it easy to understand for kids.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp:


Aladdin And The Magic Lamp | Fairy Tales for Children in English HD - YouTube


This is a story from the night of the Arabs: A thousand and one nights. It is a story full of magical sacrifices. It tells the story of Aladdin, the son of a poor tailor. After his father’s death, Aladdin’s mother earns a living by spinning cotton.

One day, an evil sorcerer comes to Aladdin and says he will pay him to do a little work. He also gives her a ring as a token. He took her to a hidden cave and asked her to come inside and bring her a lamp. The cave is full of gold and treasures.

Aladdin finds the lamp he brought to the opening of the cave. The magic asks Aladdin to give him a light, but Aladdin asks him to help him get out of the cave, first. The sangoma is furious and says the magic words that catch Aladdin inside the cave.

Frustrated Aladdin does not rub the ring on his finger, and a hero appears by magic, claiming that it will give him any wish. Aladdin asks the genie to help him get out. Then he took the lamp and went home. She tells her mother everything. The next day, her mother rubs the lamp while she is cleaning, and again, a hero appears.

It gives Aladdin and his mother whatever they want. They are now rich and comfortable. Aladdin also marries a world princess and lives comfortably in a palace built for them, by the genie. Meanwhile, the sorcerer disguises himself as a light seller and comes to the palace, saying that he will change the new lights by creating.

The princess offers a magic lamp, not knowing what it really is. The witch doctor then uses the lamp genie to remove Aladdin’s treasure, the palace, and even the princess. Aladdin is desperate and is trying to find a way to get everything back.

Suddenly he remembers the magic ring and uses the ring to retrieve his palace, lamp, and princess. Aladdin then put on some kind of lamp and cried for free and lived happily with the princess.


 Cinderella (bedtime stories):


Disney Princess Photo: Cinderella with Long Hair | Cinderella cartoon, Disney funny, Disney princess funny

Cinderella is another story full of magic and self-sacrifice. Once, a lovely girl named Cinderella was living with her ugly mother-in-law and two adopted sisters. The adoptive mother caused her to do all the household chores and was very abusive.

One day, the stepmother and her sister went to the ballpark at King’s palace, leaving Cinderella behind. Cinderella really wanted to go to the ballpark and felt very sad that she was left behind.

Suddenly, the goddess of myth appeared in great light, using her magic to transform Cinderella into a princess, wearing a lovely dress and glass slides. He also turned the pumpkin and the other mice into carts and horses, respectively.

Cinderella could now go to the ballpark. The goddess of myth warned her that the magic would wear out at midnight and that Cinderella would return home before that. When Cinderella arrived at the ball, the officer saw her, and they fell in love.

They danced together until midnight. When the clock struck twelve, Cinderella ran to her cart, leaving one of her glass slides behind. The prince searched every house in town looking for the mysterious girl whose foot slipped into a glass.

He arrived at the home of his stepmother and found that the shoe belonged to Cinderella. Therefore, the prince and Cinderella got married and lived happily ever after.


 Midas and Golden touch (bedtime stories):


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The story of Midas is one of the oldest bedtime stories for children. This ancient myth from Greece describes King Midas as a greedy and dissatisfied man who loved gold more than anything else.

On one occasion, he was doing a good deed for someone, and the Greek God appeared before him, saying that he would be given his heart’s desire to do what was right. Midas wished everything he had touched turned to gold, at once.

God gave us his desire. Midas was overjoyed and walked away touching random objects, turning everything he touched into gold. After a while, he became hungry. However, when she touched his food, it turned into gold, and she could not eat it. He was starving and scared that he would not be able to eat.

Seeing her distressed, her loving daughter threw her arms around him to comfort him, and he too turned to gold. Midas is shocked that her daughter has turned into a golden image. He regretted asking for the Golden Touch and realized that he had been greedy and that gold was not the most valuable thing in the world.

He wept and begged God to restore his desire. God took pity on him and asked him to take a dip in the river with his palace, and then fill the river with water and sprinkle everything he wanted to change. She followed the instructions and changed her daughter back to normal. He was so happy to get his beloved daughter back and stopped being greedy ever since.


The Boy Who Cried The Wolf:

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This story is from Aesop’s Fables and emphasizes the importance of being truthful. It is the story of a shepherd boy who was watching over a flock of sheep near his home. The area was known to have a wolf famous for attacking a flock of sheep and making a few sheep.

Everyone in the village knew about the threat and was always ready to help anyone with a wolf problem. But the young man ignored the help of the local people, and he actually made fun of him.

To his delight, he drove out the locals, three times, crying for help, saying, “Wolf! The wolf! ”. The vigilant locals quickly came to his aid, finding the shepherd boy just laughing. They were naturally outraged when he mocked them.

One day, however, a wolf came and began killing and eating his sheep. This time, when she cried out for help, no one from the village helped her, as they thought she was joking with them again.

As a result, the wolf snatched the shepherd’s flock. The moral of the story is that no one believes a liar, or tells the truth.


The Ant and the grasshopper:


This is another story from Aesop’s Fables, and it talks about the importance of hard work and planning for the future. The story tells of a locust that spends the summer singing and not working its time.

Meanwhile, her neighbors, an ant colony, work hard all summer long to store food for the winter. The grasshopper laughs at the ants and tells them they should enjoy the summer. The ants tell the grasshopper to save the winter food or they will starve to death when everything is dry.

When winter comes, the ants are in their nests, resting and feeding on the food they have stored. The grasshopper comes to their door, hungry and cold. He appeals to the ants for food and says he sees the error of his ways.

Ants share their food with him and promise him that he will work hard, next summer, to collect and store food.


 The Bad Sister (bedtime stories for kids):

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This is one of the oldest bedtime stories for kids. The story begins on the farm, where the duck sits on the ice of the eggs to make them hatch. The eggs hatch into each other, and soon, six chicks with yellow feathers hatch, cheering happily.

The last egg takes a long time to hatch, and out comes a strange-looking duck with gray feathers. Everyone gets a bad gray duck, including his mother. The depressed duck runs away and stays alone in the swamp until winter. Seeing a hungry duck starving to death in winter, the farmer feels sorry for the bad duck and provides food and shelter for the family.

However, the duck is afraid of the farmer’s noisy children and runs into a cave in a frozen lake. When spring arrives, a flock of beautiful swans descends into the lake, and the duck, now fully grown, but lonely, approaches the swans, fully expecting to be rejected.

He was surprised when the swans welcomed him. She looks at her reflection in the water and sees that she is no longer a bad duck, but a good sister. Swan joins the herd and flies with his new family.


 The Hungry Mouse:

The Hungry Mouse | Panchatantra Moral Stories for Kids | English Cartoon | Maha CartoonTV English - YouTube

This is one of the few bedtime stories for kids. It discusses how greed can lead to disaster. There was a mouse that was hungry and had not eaten for days. She was very fat. After much research, the mouse found a basket full of corn.

There was a small hole in the basket, which he could easily enter. So she slipped into a basket and ate some corn. However, he did not stop eating when he was full. The mouse ate a lot, even though it felt full.

Now, the mouse had grown bigger in all that food and could no longer get into the hole to get out. He was worried and wondered how he was going to run away.

A passing mouse heard a mouse tell him to wait until he was down again, to get out of that hole. The mouse regretted being greedy and overeating.


 I’m bored:

Sunday Stories | “I'm Bored” - Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami

This is another short bedtime story for kids. The story is about a girl who cries out in frustration until she meets a potato. Potatoes tell her that children are boring. The little girl is amazed and tells the potatoes that the kids are not bored and that they are really having fun.

Potatoes ask the girl if she can prove this. The little girl tells the potatoes all the things the kids do to have fun. He tells the potatoes that kids can play games, make car wheels, jump, walk with their hands, run, and play in the swing.

He also tells the potatoes that they are the best of all, kids can imagine. This story is a way to remind children of all the fun they can do when they are bored. This story can be interactive if you ask your child to tell all the fun things he or she likes to do.


Governor’s New Clothes:


The Emperor's New Clothes | Full Movie | Fairy Tales For Children - YouTube

This is a funny bedtime story for kids. An arrogant and arrogant ruler is only interested in showing himself in beautiful and elegant clothes.

He hires two weavers and promises them a reward if they make him a suit of the best clothes ever worn by anyone.

Male weavers tell the king that they are using a special cloth that is invisible to anyone who is stupid or unworthy of his position. The weavers actually deceived the king, by pretending to be sewing garments, by imitating making garments.

Therefore, even if no one, including the governor and his ministers, could actually see the garments, no one would agree, for fear of being called a fool or unfit for his position.

The weavers said that they had finished the suit and imitated the emperor, who then marched in front of his people to show off his new clothes. The people of the cities agree with this, as they do not want to admit that the king is naked and in danger of being called a fool. Then the child who was watching the procession shouted that the governor had no clothes. The child does not understand the reason for continuing to pretend.

Hearing the child, some in the crowd also joined the child when they said that the king had not gone. The governor is very shy. He realizes that his arrogance and stupidity put him in a position where he could be ridiculed.


 Beauty and the beast ( bedtime stories): Beauty And The Beast [DVD]: Movies & TV



The castle was a fearsome beast, which put the merchant in prison for trying to steal a rose. The salesman pleaded for her release and told the beast that she only wanted her daughter Belle’s rose.

The Beast let him go, provided that his daughter would take his place and live in the castle. The salesman returned home and told Belle everything. Belle went to live in the castle with Silo, instead of her father.

The Beast fell in love with the beautiful Belle, who saw that the Beast had a beautiful nature and was cruel. One day, Belle asked permission to visit her father. When he left, the Beast felt pain in his heart. Belle returns to the castle, to see the Beast die. He held the King and cried, confessing that he loved us.

Suddenly, the Beast turned into a handsome prince. He was cursed by the witch that he would remain a beast, until the woman truly loved him, even though he looked ugly. When Bear said he loved the beast, the witch’s curse was broken. Prince and Belle get married and live happily ever after.


 Very Hungry Caterpillar:

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This is one of the most popular bedtime stories with pictures, of children. The book has colorful illustrations and pages that are shaped differently, with holes that show the caterpillar trail for a variety of foods.

One Sunday morning, the story goes, a red-faced caterpillar hatches an egg from a leaf and begins searching for food. He eats a leaf, but he is very hungry.

He then eats a variety of foods, in cold quantities, over the next five days. The caterpillar feeds on one apple on Monday, two pears on Tuesday, three plums on Wednesday, four strawberries on Thursday, and five oranges on Friday.

Then on Saturday, the caterpillar will feast on each piece, with chocolate cake, ice cream cucumber, cucumber, Swiss cheese, salami, lollipop, cherry pie, sausage, cake, and watermelon. After this, the caterpillar suffers from a bad stomach due to overeating.

The caterpillar feels better on Sunday after returning to its normal diet of a large green leaf. He then spray-painted the cocoon, where he stayed for two weeks. After two weeks, the caterpillar emerges from the cocoon, like a beautiful butterfly with colorful wings. This book teaches young children about numbers, names of various foods, days of the week, and the life cycle of a butterfly


Goodnight Moon (bedtime stories):

Goodnight Moon Board Book by Margaret Wise Brown, Clement Hurd, Board Book | Barnes & Noble®

This is a lovely picture book for children. It features a bunny saying goodnight to everything around it.

The sentences form a rhyming poem and describe how the bunny says goodnight to various living and inanimate objects around it, such as a red balloon, a dollhouse, two kittens, the moon, and so on.

It goes “Goodnight room, Goodnight Moon, Goodnight cow jumping over the moon, Goodnight light, and the red balloon. Little children love the rhymes and the soothing rhythm of the story quickly lulls them to sleep.


Interrupting Chicken:


Interrupting Chicken |

This story is about a red chicken who is so excited to finish a story, that he interrupts it every time, much to the exasperation of his dad. Papa chicken is putting the little red chicken to bed.

Papa chicken agrees to read a bedtime story to the red chicken and tells his son not to interrupt. The father starts reading Hansel and Gretel after the red chicken agrees. As the story nears the end, the little red chicken gets excited, interrupts the story, and finishes telling it on his own.

The red chicken, then, interrupts again, when his dad reads him the stories of Little Red Riding Hood and Chicken Little. Finally, Papa chicken runs out of stories and asks the little one to read to him instead.

Little red chicken starts reading a story, and within minutes, the dad is fast asleep, snoring in the little one’s bed.