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It’s the best board at clearing concepts. It gives more importance to the concept rather than cramming. The students of the Federal Board are more conceptual as compared to Punjab Board.

If you look at the paper pattern of science subjects–Chemistry, Physics, Biology– of Federal Board and Punjab Board, you can see the difference. But in Punjab Board, concepts are not more important if you want to get even good marks in the exam.

 There is a huge difference between the paper pattern in Punjab and the Federal Board. You will find a lot of conceptual questions in the Federal Board’s papers especially Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In Punjab Board, many questions are taken from the exercises whereas the case is utterly different as compared to Federal Board.
 It’s one of the biggest disadvantages of the Federal Board, you get low marks because the paper pattern is difficult, conceptual, and troublesome.

If you’re a hard work student, you can get good marks in SSC, but HSSC is tough. The students who got 970 marks in Punjab Board in SSC when they go to Federal Board in HSSC, got normally only 420-440 marks–it often happens with a Federal Board student.
 If you’re a Federal Board student, you need a lot of hard work in order to get the same marks as compared to the student who gets the same marks on Punjab Board. Of course, it means you a lot of time is required in order to get the target.


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