Do you know football game rules:

football game rules

Do you know football game rules:


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Many people among us don’t know football rules. It is the most popular sport in the world. Football is watched and followed by millions of people around the world.

We should get awareness about football rules. It will be more amazing. The number of players in each team, the length of the official game, the size of the pitch and ball, and type of errors, and many other rules that define the game.


The referee interprets and confirms the rules of the game of football during the match. The rules are governed by the IFAB which opposes at least once a year and meets to decide on any change as it exists at the time.


Ground area:


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 In a typical 11-player game on each side, the football field must be 90-120 meters long and 45-90 meters wide (goal line).

The playing field is marked with white lines and the line corresponding to the goal line divides the field into two equal parts. The center is in line and a circle of 9.15 m is marked around it.


How to start a football match:


Before the start of the game, the coin toss is in place, the toss winner decides whether his team will start in the first half or in the second half.

In addition, the game will be restarted to start the match: (i) scoring, (ii) starting the second half, (iii) starting each half extra time.

At the beginning of the match, each player of the opposing team must be at least 9.15 meters from the ball.


Size of football:


Branded Footballs


A typical football should be round with a diameter of 68-70 cm. The ball should rise to a pressure level of 0.6-1.1.


Football players:


According to official rules, a football match is played between two teams with 11 players, including a goalkeeper.


If there are less than 7 players (including the goalkeeper) in the team, the game will not start or restart.


The amount of replacement depends on the competition, however, in most competitions 3 seats per game are allowed.


Football player kit:


These rules state that a player’s kit must include a jersey or sleeves, shorts, shoes, a stock guard, and a shirt with stockings.


Socks should be longer to cover the entire shin guard. Play teams should have different jersey colors to easily distinguish them from their rivals.


Football Match Duration:


A typical football match is divided into two parts, with a 15-minute break between each for 45 minutes.


At the end of each section, the referee adds an extra minute. It is equivalent to the length of the delay, the suspension time (injury time).


In the event of a tie after 90 minutes, who decides who wins. Then both teams leave the other two parts of 15 minutes.


If the match is still postponed after 30 minutes, a final decision will be made.


 Football In and Out:

The ball cannot be played when the entire ball crosses the goal line. Or touchline or when the referee blows a whistle to stop the match.


Law 9 - The Ball In and Out of Play

Football Goal Score:

A goal is scored when the entire ball from the action comes within the goal line. A direct kick or penalty kick does not provide a violation of the rules of the game before the goal.


Football Offside Rules:


The Offside Rule Demystified. Well it's often said that football… | by Deepanshu Pathak | Atomicl | Medium


Considered one of the most misleading rules of football, the basic premise of this rule is that if a player is closer to his opponent’s goal line than the second and final opponent with the ball, the player is considered offside.


A player is penalized for being in a player’s position where the referee believes that when a player’s team touches a match he is making more profit than his opponents.


Nothing is hidden when a player gets the ball straight from a goal kick, throw a corner kick.


Misconduct during a football match:


Yellow Cards and Red Cards - American's Guide to Soccer


When a player intentionally pushes, catches, or kicks his opponents.
Mistakes happen when a player tries to get the ball to an opponent while the ball is playing and the action happens accidentally.


The referee may penalize the player and issue a yellow or red card depending on the severity of the player’s error or behavior.


The first yellow card received allows the player to continue the game.


Football Match Referee:

Every football game has an official referee who governs the game and enforces the rules of the game.

They are responsible for maintaining the decoration of the game and punishing the player for breaking the rules.

The referee has the power to stop the game whenever he believes a mistake has been made or the ball will no longer play.


Football Match Assistant Referee:


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The assistant referee assists the referee in managing the match in accordance with the rules.

Each assistant referee is placed on each side of the pitch and has the power to indicate and intervene when the case is near the side.

They can help the referee make decisions about swearing, handball, etc.