How to play badminton?


How to play badminton?


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Badminton is a game that has been around since the 16th century. The game is played indoors and outdoor. It is very popular in Asian countries like China and India these are the leading countries in producing some of the best players in the world.


Badminton Rules:


Badminton game can be played by two players (singles) or four (doubles).

The official game must be played indoors at the appropriate court size.

Its size is 6.1m by 13.4m, the net is set at 1.55m.


To get the point the shuttlecock must strike within the boundaries of the opposing court.
If the shuttlecock hits the net or hits the outside when a point is given to your opponent.


Players must work separately on the net for their opponent. As points are defeated the channels operating from one side to the other.


There is no second serving so if your first serve comes out when your opponent wins the point.


The server must be installed under the armpit and under the server. No overuse is allowed.


How to start the game:


The game begins with a toss to find out which player will work first and which side of the court the opponent would like to start on.


When the shuttlecock is ‘live’ the player can move around the court as he wishes. They are allowed to hit the shuttlecock outside the playground.


When a player touches the net with any part of his body or racket is considered a mistake and the opponent gets a point.


The error when a player intentionally hits an opponent, the shuttlecock is caught in the racket and thrown, the shuttlecock is hit twice, or if the player continues to hit the rules of badminton.


Each match is supervised by a referee in a high chair who does not watch the match. There are also line judges who monitor whether the shuttlecock enters or not. The referee has a lot of harassment calls and errors.


The referee explained when an unexpected or dangerous situation arose. This could include a shuttlecock that could be caught in the bet, the server was out, one player was not ready or the decision was too close to be called.


The Badminton game has only two break periods that come in the form of the second break of 90 minutes after the first game and a break of 5 minutes after the second game.


If the rules are constantly broken by a player, the referee has the power to place that player in a continuing error that results in the loss of the set or game.



Badminton court and net size?


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The court measures 6.1m and 13.4m in height. Inside the rectangular court, there is a net that runs 1.55m.

Running on each side of the court has two tram lines. Internal lines are used as a parameter for the game of singles while the outer line is used for double matching.


Badminton Players & Equipment:


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There are two types of badminton, singles and double (you can also play Double Mixed).

Each player is allowed to use a cable racket (similar to a tennis rack but the head is smaller) and a shuttlecock.



What is a shuttlecock?


It is made of a circular ball at the bottom and feathers resembling objects around the top.

When a player hits the bottom of a shuttlecock and because gravity starts to work it always turns the ball upside down.

The player may hit the shuttlecock once before hitting the ground or passing the net.


Badminton goals Scoring :


The point is found when you successfully hit the shuttlecock over the net and take it to your opponent’s court before hitting it.

A point can also be obtained when your opponent hits a shuttlecock on the net with or without limits.


Badminton Game Thing:

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The badminton thing is to hit the shuttlecock over the net and place it in designated court areas. If a teammate has played to remove the shuttlecock then a rally occurs.

To win this rally that is, force your opponent to hit the shuttlecock out or get into the net and gain a point.

Approximately 21 points to win a set with many games better than 3 sets. Points can be obtained from any service.


How to win the badminton game?

To win the game you have to reach 21 points before your enemy. If you do, you will have won that set.

If the points are tied at 20-20 then it reduces which player can get two clear points in advance.

Suppose the points are still tied at level 29-29. The next point will determine who wins the set. The team will need to win 2 of the 3 playsets.