Importance of physical education:

Importance of physical education in Pakistan:



Physical Education is just as important as any other school subject




1-academic  improvement:


The importance of physical education is better for academic improvement. Students who play sports are able to focus and maintain a positive impact on their academic life. This leads to better achievement in all other academic subjects.


2-Regular exercise:


Regular exercise is very essential in the fight against child arrears.  We all know the many health issues associated with arrears and how important it is to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Positive exercise habits implemented in childhood.


3-sleep good:


Students who exercise regularly have better sleep quality. Therefore they are more alert in school and have a higher level of concentration.


4-Relieve stress:


Physical exercise can help children relieve stress and anxiety. Young people today are undoubtedly more stressed than ever, so they need to have an outlet for this stress.


Physical Education - Demo Kindergarten

5-Teamwork habits:


Playing sports in groups helps young people improve their teamwork and leadership skills. It helps to build strong bonds between peers and promotes healthy class dynamics.


Health and Physical Education - Year 10

6-Positive thinking:


Physical activity promotes a positive body image in teenagers, especially women and girls. In this age of social media and the social pressure to look a certain way, this is of utmost importance.




No one ignores the importance of physical education like Sports teach children self-discipline.

They can exercise this self-control in all aspects of their lives, from controlling their emotions well, to gaining more self-motivation with their studies.




It helps children build their self-confidence. It involves a positive perspective on all aspects of their lives.

Such as their personal relationships and how to quickly get together and make friends, thinking about their future goals.




Sport helps children develop their motor skills and strengthen their muscles. When fine motor skills are developed, children become more proficient in handwriting or musical instrument.


10-Mood and behavior:


Children who play regular sports improve behavior at school.



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