Learning stuff for kids:

learning stuff for kids

Learning stuff for kids (pre-school):

There is much easy and simple learning stuff for kids. but the study shows that kids and toddlers learn from simple games. kids and toddlers learn from number games, postcards, Alphabet charts, and other same activities.


Here we show some simple and easy methods for ids learning. 

1-Number type Game:


Vector Kid Numbers Bubble Cartoon Type Set Stock Vector - Illustration of color, purple: 110260593


Learning stuff for 4 to 5 years kids:

Number type is fun, hands work to play and learn about numbers. It challenges the search for certain Vanilla Play Dough Recipe numbers among a bunch of numbers.

It’s never too early to start developing a child’s acquisition of mathematics and mathematical concepts.



You will need an easel with a whiteboard, whiteboard tags, and magnetic numbers.

Divide the board into four parts. For beginners, you may need to divide this into 2 or even 1 part and add other sections for older children.



Search, sort, and sort numbers in the appropriate boxes.



Sorting and sorting numbers
Number recognition – to see numbers without counting them in sequence
Views and memory
Hand-eye contact
Troubleshooting – searching for the right shape.




Hippity Hop Sight Word Game | Learning 4 Kids


Learning stuff for 4 to 5 years kids:

I believe there is a place for random learning and flashcards but I truly believe that most learning happens when you have fun!


With four children (ages 3, 5, 7, and 9), it can be difficult to find a job that meets their different ages – and more to the point, which they enjoy doing together.


Anything dirty or a little unusual is usually a guaranteed success. We had a winner recently when we made a foam monster using bicarb soda and vinegar.

And needless to say, the children were terrified when they saw the reaction caused by the two.




Colored card or paper



Adhesive tape

A small plastic bottle


Food dye

The liquid in the container

Baking bicarbonate




Fold the card/paper in half and draw the beast’s tail, arm and leg.

Cut (You will need only one tail.)

Tap the tail, arms, and legs to the bottle.

(You can draw or attach eyes to the bottle if you wish.)

Place the bottle on a tray.

Put food dye in a bottle.

Add half a bottle of vinegar.

Add the dish-liquid square and mix.

Pour a tablespoon of bicarbonate soda into the bottle.


Look at the foam coming out of the beast’s mouth! (This work is well done outside as it can be very confusing!)

 kids were full of questions – Why did it explode?

The reaction between vinegar and bicarb soda causes carbon dioxide, which causes small bubbles to form.

Why do you come out of the mouth? The liquid in the bowl mixed with the vinegar/bicarb mixture causes a reaction that foams out of the beast’s mouth.

This is a great activity for kids of all ages, and it is also such a fun way to incorporate a little science into a particular everyday game.




Alphabet Play Dough | Learning 4 Kids


Learning stuff for 4 to 5 years kids

It is so much fun playing with our Alphabet Play Dough! It is a fun activity to help children learn their letters of the alphabet and build their fine motor skills at the same time.

This task involves using play dough to form letters, using the printed Alphabet Play Dough Mats as a guide.




You will need a play dough blob, a printed Alphabet for Play Dough Mats, and a safe play dough knife.

I have reduced Alphabet Letter Mats to make them last longer.

See below for a link to download and print Alphabet Play Dough Mats




Wrapping and cutting in to play dough: working on those fine motor skills.

Playdough is used to make letters of the alphabet.

Eye-hand coordination functions.]

Miss 3 loved to fill in the space of the book with playdough. This is good for building concentration skills and eye-hand contact.




Location awareness – trying to shape and shape
Eye and hand contact


4-Number cookies:


Learning stuff for 4 to 5 years kids:


Much learning happens when we cook with our children. Social networking, data processing, tracking, troubleshooting, and coordination.




You will need an Easy Cookie Dough Recipe, cookie cutting numbers, and icing. We used icing tubes but you can use a plastic zip bag and cut a small hole to remove the icing.




Working on and developing those good car skills. All of this squeezing, pushing, and rolling strengthens the hands, wrists, and fingers in preparation for reading and writing.




Eye contact with hands, spatial awareness, and problem-solving also get the job done; setting and pressing cookie cutters to make better use of space. In other words, lots of cookies!

We placed our number cookies on the left side of the baking sheet and placed them directly on the baking tray.



Sensory-sensing with hands and controlling the dough with nerves.

Good motor skills – tightening small muscles by tricking and shaping cookie dough.

A handshake and eye contact and action and coordination of these actions.

Language development – cooking is a social activity that requires speaking and listening, and developing vocabulary.

Self-confidence – a sense of pride and success

Number count- sightings and sequences.




Alphabet Hide & Seek | Alphabet activities preschool, Alphabet activities, Preschool activities


Learning stuff for 4 to 5 years kids:

 kids are so excited to play this game. The challenge and anticipation of finding something bring great pleasure in learning the alphabet!

Hide and Seek Letter Hunt involves hiding two characters in the house and your child walks away finding them.



I asked my children to leave the room while I hid some of the bullets. Using blu tac, I then attach all the letters to the cabinet doors, windows, drawers, toys, and shelves. The choice is endless.

I also put letters in the height of my child to make them easier to see.




We put the letters down to help check that all the letters of the alphabet were found. To make sure we have a big and small name.

5-Flashcards game:


Pre K Flashcards Game / Preschool Kids - YouTube


Learning stuff for 4 to 5 years kids:


These books can be used with flashcards. Hold on to your child and remember what a book is. Use the picture to help them learn the letter name and the sound of the letter.” A” belongs to the apple.

I love these letters as well as my children! There are so many wonderful things you can do with them as they are so flexible with different skills and ages.




Colourful Cellophane Sticky Art | Learning 4 Kids


Learning stuff for 4 to 5 years kids

Cellophane Sticky Art is a great way to introduce kids to colors. I believe that it is never too early to start learning about ideas such as color and that creating opportunities for play and learning it will begin a journey to improve comprehension.


Cellophane Sticky Art is a fun activity that involves placing cellophane-colored squares on a window-sized contact fabric, creating a color that captures the colors. By doing small things like this will pave the way for learning and learning to write his name.



You will need a combination of colored cellophane divided into small squares, tray or bowl, clear contact, scissors, and adhesive tape.

I used a small amount of adhesive tape to hold the explicit contact up in the window with the adhesive side of the contact facing out.

Entering your child’s name into sticky art can be an option but I find this is a great way to help Miss 22 months start to see her name.

I simply wrote his name on the blackboard on the black card and cut it out, then placed it in the center of the adhesive fabric.

Tip: Make sure you have enough contacts left on the list to put on top of Cellophane Sticky Art when finished.

Also, place a sticky contact on the window in your child’s height so that he or she can stand or sit properly to access the activity.