MBBS admission 2020 students problems in Pakistan:

MBBS admission 2020 students problems in Pakistan:




Many students have a dream to become a doctor or engineer. If anybody asked a question to a child. what is your future plan? So he will reply, I want to become a doctor. Many students think that MBBS admission is difficult and competition is very higher.

The main reason behind this, the number of seats is limited in the public sector. Even if a student got 80% in F.sc pre-medical, but they can’t get admission in MBBS.


Why do students fail to get admission to MBBS?


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1-Study behavior:


Mostly Pakistani students focus their study just to memorize the contents. They don’t have strong concepts and understandings about the contents.

Students’ main aim to pass the Mbbs entry exams by any means. It is because they have to face pressure from parents or friends.


2-Language barrier:


Public schools are mostly taught in the Urdu medium. In Matric students study in Urdu medium but in F.sc they have to face a language barrier.

It’s because all the Science subjects are taught in the English medium. So students have difficulty understanding the concept of the contents.


3-No career counseling:



Unfortunately, in Pakistan no career advice available. There is no institute that provides guidelines to the students about future careers.

So students select the wrong way and got failure.


4-Parents choice:


Most parents force their son or daughter to become a doctor or engineer. So it is not sure, where the students actually like to adopt any profession. This is also a reason for failure.




Pakistan is not a developed country. Due to poverty students have no choice to afford school or college expenditures.

So it’s only a dream for a poor student in Pakistan to become a doctor or engineer.


6-Social environment:


Pakistan’s culture in villages is different from other world countries. It’s because illiterate parents don’t prefer educations for their sons or daughters.

They just want their sons or daughters to work in the field with them. So that they can earn more.


7-School or colleges labs:


Pakistani Public schools or colleges have no fully equipped Science labs. So it’s just the name of labs and nothings.

Students have no practical skills have to learn from School or College labs. That’s the reason, students have no strong concepts and practical knowledge about the contents.


8-Teaching staff:


In Pakistan, the teaching faculty staff has not able to clear the concepts of the topics. It’s only stress to memorize the contents. So students face problems in the next study.




The lack of basic facilities in schools or colleges affected the students learning activities. Lack of cleaning, dirty bathrooms, noise pollution also affects the student’s hygienic health. Old and uncomfortable furniture affects students learning capabilities.


10-Boring study:



A large number of students don’t like a boring study environment. Public schools have very less entertainment activities so students hate that environment.

There is no study tours and extracurricular activities. If somewhere is but very less in the majority.


11-No Motivational lecturers:


unfortunately, In Public schools and Colleges not arranged motivational speakers to convince the students about moral values or career aspects. So many students come to schools just time pass and no actual interest in studies.




So in short words, these are the basic reasons behind the students’ failure and their dreams not come to true.

It needs a lot of improvements because it’s a matter of the next generations.