Moral stories for kids:

moral stories

Moral stories for kids:

Moral stories are a good source of learning for kids. These stories have moral lessons for kids. These moral stories will improve their thoughts.


1-The Woodcutter and the Golden Axe:


Lost and found - Katha Kids


Once a woodcutter was working hard in the forest, getting wood to sell for some food. As he was cutting a tree, his axe accidentally fell into the river.

The river was deep and was flowing really fast – he lost his axe and could not find it again. He sat at the bank of the river and wept.

While he wept, an angel appeared and asked him what happened? The woodcutter told him the story.

The angel offered to help him by looking for his axe. He disappeared into the river and retrieved a golden axe, but the woodcutter said it is not mine.

He disappeared again and came back with a silver axe, but the woodcutter said that it is not mine. The angel disappeared into the water again and came back with an iron axe – the woodcutter smiled and said it is mine.

The angel was impressed with the woodcutter’s honesty and gifted him both axes.


Moral of the Story:


Honesty is the best policy.


2-A greedy man:


Hania Naz: A Greedy man Story in English


Once there lived a greedy man in a small town. He was very rich, and he loved gold and all the fancy things. But he loved his daughter more than anything. One day, he chanced upon a fairy. The fairy’s hair was caught in a few tree branches.

He helped her out, but as his greediness took over, he realized that he had an opportunity to become richer by asking for a wish in return (by helping her out). The fairy granted him a wish.

He said, “All that I touch should turn to gold.” And his wish was granted by the grateful fairy.

The greedy man rushed home to tell his wife and daughter about his wish, all the while touching stones and pebbles and watching them convert into gold.

Once he got home, his daughter rushed to greet him. As soon as he bent down to scoop her up in his arms, she turned into a gold statue.

He started crying and trying to bring his daughter back to life. He realized his folly and spent the rest of his days searching for the fairy to take away his wish.

Moral of the Story:


Greed will always lead to downfall.


3-The Fox and the Grapes:


THE FOX and THE SOUR GRAPES Story in English | Short Story for Kids - YouTube


Once upon a time, there was a fox wandering across the jungle in order to get some food. He was very hungry and desperately in search of food.

He searched everywhere, but couldn’t find anything that he could eat. His stomach was rumbling and his search continued. Soon he reached a vineyard which was laden with juicy grapes.

The fox looked around to check if he was safe from the hunters. No one was around, so he decided to steal some grapes. He jumped high and high, but he couldn’t reach the grapes.

The grapes were too high but he refused to give up. The fox jumped high in the air to catch the grapes in his mouth, but he missed.

He tried once more but missed again. He tried a few more times, but couldn’t reach. It was getting dark and the fox was getting angry.

His legs hurt, so he gave up in the end. Walking away, he said, “I’m sure the grapes were sour anyway.”


Moral of the Story:


We pretend to hate something when we can’t have it.



4- The Lion and the Mouse:


Aesop's Fables: The Lion And The Mouse Story | Lion and the mouse, Fairy tales for kids, Fairy tales



A lion was once sleeping in the jungle when a mouse started running up and down his body just for fun. This disturbed the lion’s sleep, and he woke up quite angry.

He was about to eat the mouse when the mouse desperately requested the lion to set him free. “I promise you, I will be of great help to you someday if you save me.” The lion laughed at the mouse’s confidence and let him go.

One day, a few hunters came into the forest and took the lion with them. They tied him up against a tree.

The lion was struggling to get out and started to whimper. Soon, the mouse walked past and noticed the lion in trouble. Quickly, he ran and gnawed on the ropes to set the lion free. Both of them sped off into the jungle.


Moral of the Story:

A small act of kindness can go a long way.


5-The Boy Who Cried, Wolf:


The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story (Short Story for KIDS) | KIDS HUT Animated Stories - YouTube


In a village, lived a carefree boy with his father. The boy’s father told him that he was old enough to watch over the sheep while they graze in the fields.

Every day, he had to take the sheep to the grassy fields and watch them as they graze. However, the boy was unhappy and didn’t want to take the sheep to the fields. He wanted to run and play, not watch the boring sheep graze in the field.

So, he decided to have some fun. He cried, “Wolf! Wolf!” until the entire village came running with stones to chase away the wolf before it could eat any of the sheep.


When the villagers saw that there was no wolf, they left muttering under their breath about how the boy had wasted their time.

The next day, the boy cried once more, “Wolf! Wolf!” and, again, the villagers rushed there to chase the wolf away.

The boy laughed at the fright he had caused. This time, the villagers left angrily. On the third day, as the boy went up the small hill, he suddenly saw a wolf attacking his sheep. He cried as hard as he could, “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!”, but not a single villager came to help him.

The villagers thought that he was trying to fool them again and did not come to rescue him or his sheep. The little boy lost many sheep that day, all because of his foolishness.


Moral of the Story:

It is difficult to trust people who lie, so it’s important to always be truthful.


6- The Milkmaid and Her Pail:


The Milkmaid & Her Pail // Best Short Stories for Kids in English - YouTube


Patty, a milkmaid milked her cow and had two full pails of fresh, creamy milk. She put both pails of milk on a stick and set off to the market to sell the milk.

As she took steps towards the market, her thoughts took steps towards wealth. On her way, she kept thinking about the money she would make from selling the milk. Then she thought about what she would do with that money.

She was talking to herself and said, “Once I get the money, I’ll buy a chicken. The chicken will lay eggs and I will get more chickens.

They’ll all lay eggs, and I will sell them for more money. Then, I’ll buy the house on the hill and everyone will envy me.”

She was very happy that soon she would be very rich. With these happy thoughts, she marched ahead. But suddenly, she tripped and fell.

Both the pails of the milk fell and all her dreams were shattered. The milk spilled onto the ground, and all Patty could do was cry. “No more dream,” she cried foolishly!


Moral of the Story:


Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.


7- When Adversity Knocks:


When Adversity Knocks - Assignment Point


This is a story that explains how adversity is met differently by different people. There was a girl named Asha who lived with her mother and father in a village.

One day, her father assigned her a simple task. He took three vessels filled with boiling water and placed an egg in one vessel, a potato in the second vessel, and some tea leaves in the third vessel.

He asked Asha to keep an eye on it for about ten to fifteen minutes while the three ingredients in three separate vessels boiled.

After the said time, he asked Asha to peel the potato and egg and strain the tea leaves. Asha was left puzzled – she understood her father was trying to explain to her something, but she didn’t know what it was.

Her father explained, “All three items were put in the same circumstances. See how they’ve responded differently.”

He said that the potato turned soft, the egg turned hard, and the tea leaves changed the color and taste of the water.

He further said, “We are all like one of these items. When adversity calls, we respond exactly the way they do. Now, are you a potato, an egg, or tea leaves?”

Moral of the Story:


We can choose how to respond to a difficult situation.

8-The Tale of the Pencil:


The Tale of the Pencil - English | Story for kids with subtitles - YouTube


A boy named Ali was upset because he had done poorly in his English test. He was sitting in his room when his grandmother came and comforted him.

His grandmother sat beside him and gave him a pencil. Ali looked at his grandma puzzled, and said he didn’t deserve a pencil after his performance in the test.

His grandma explained, “You can learn many things from this pencil because it is just like you. It experiences a painful sharpening, just the way you have experienced the pain of not doing well on your test. However, it will help you be a better student.

Just as all the good that comes from the pencil is from within itself, you will also find the strength to overcome this hurdle.

And finally, just as this pencil will make its mark on any surface, you too shall leave your mark on anything you choose to.” Ali was immediately consoled and promised himself that he would do better.


Moral of the Story:

We all have the strength to be who we wish to be.


9-The Bear and Two Friends:


THE BEAR AND THE TWO FRIENDS (Full HD Story) - Stories For Kids || STORIES - Kids Storytelling - YouTube


One day, two best friends were walking on a lonely and dangerous path through a jungle. As the sun began to set, they grew afraid but held on to each other. Suddenly, they saw a bear in their path.

One of the boys ran to the nearest tree and climbed it in a jiffy. The other boy did not know how to climb the tree by himself, so he lay on the ground, pretending to be dead. The bear approached the boy on the ground and sniffed around his head.

After appearing to whisper something in the boy’s ear, the bear went on its way. The boy on the tree climbed down and asked his friend what the bear had whispered in his ear. He replied, “Do not trust friends who do not care for you.”


Moral of the Story:

A friend in need is a friend indeed.



10-The Crystal Ball:

Throw Out Your Crystal Ball


Nasir, a small boy, found a crystal ball behind the banyan tree of his garden. The tree told him that it would grant him a wish.

He was very happy and he thought hard, but unfortunately, he could not come up with anything he wanted. So, he kept the crystal ball in his bag and waited until he could decide on his wish.

Days went by without him making a wish but his best friend saw him looking at the crystal ball. He stole it from Nasir and showed it to everyone in the village.

They all asked for palaces and riches and lots of gold, but could not make more than one wish.

In the end, everyone was angry because no one could have everything they wanted. They became very unhappy and decided to ask Nasir for help.

Nasir wished that everything would go back to how it was once – before the villagers had tried to satisfy their greed. The palaces and gold vanished and the villagers once again became happy and content.


Moral of the Story:

Money and wealth do not always bring happiness.



11-A Bundle of Sticks:


The Bundle Of Sticks Story | Stories for Kids | Kids Hut - YouTube


Once upon a time, three neighbors living in a village were having trouble with their crops. Each of the neighbors had one field, but the crops on their fields were infested with pests and were wilting.

Every day, they would come up with different ideas to help their crops. The first one tried using a scarecrow in his field, the second used pesticides, and the third built a fence on his field, all to no avail.

One day, the village head came by and called the three farmers. He gave them each a stick and asked them to break it. The farmers could break them easily. He then gave them a bundle of three sticks, and again, asked them to break it.

This time, the farmers struggled to break the sticks. The village head said, “Together, you are stronger and work better than you do it alone.” The farmers understood what the village head was saying. They pooled in their resources and got rid of the pests from their fields.


Moral of the Story:

There is strength in unity.



12-The Ant and the Dove:


THE DOVE and THE ANT Story | Kids Short Story - YouTube

On a hot scorching day of summer, an ant was walking around in search of water. After walking around for some time, she saw a river and was delighted to see it. She climbed up on a small rock to drink the water, but she slipped and fell into the river.

She was drowning but a dove who was sitting on a nearby tree helped her. Seeing the ant in trouble, the dove quickly dropped a leaf into the water. The ant moved towards the leaf and climbed up on it.

The dove then carefully pulled the leaf out and placed it on the land. This way, the ant’s life was saved and she was forever indebted to the dove.

The ant and the dove became the best of friends and days passed happily. However, one day, a hunter arrived in the forest. He saw the beautiful dove sitting on the tree and aimed his gun at the dove.

The ant, who was saved the dove saw this and bit on the heel of the hunter. He shouted from the pain and dropped the gun.

The dove was alarmed by the voice of the hunter and realized what could have happened to him. He flew away.


Moral of the Story:

A good deed never goes unrewarded.


13-The Ant and the Grasshopper:


The Ant and the Grasshopper (a new version) | Comment |


Once upon a time, there were two best friends – an ant and a grasshopper. The grasshopper liked to relax the whole day and play his guitar. The ant, however, would work hard all day.

He would collect food from all corners of the garden, while the grasshopper relaxed, played his guitar, or slept.

The grasshopper would tell the ant to take a break every day, but the ant would refuse and continue his work. Soon, winter came; days and nights became cold, and very few creatures went out.

On a cold day of winter, a colony of ants was busy drying out some grains of corn. The half-dead grasshopper, cold and hungry, came up to the ant who was his friend and asked for a piece of corn.

The ant replied, “We work day and night to collect and save up the corn so that we don’t die hungry on cold winter days. Why should we give it to you?” The ant further asked, “What were you doing last summer? You should have collected and stored some food. I told you as much before.”

The grasshopper said, “I was far too busying singing and sleeping.”

The ant replied, “You can sing all winter as far as I am concerned. You will not get anything from us.”

The ant had enough food to last through the winter, without any worries at all, but the grasshopper didn’t and he realized his mistake.

Moral of the Story:

Make hay while the sun shines.


14-Friends Forever:


Best friends forever quote 💛 | Best friends forever images, Best friends forever quotes, Friends forever quotes

Once upon a time, there lived a mouse and a frog, who were the best of friends. Every morning, the frog would hop out of the pond to visit the mouse, who lived inside the hole of the tree. He would spend time with the mouse and go back home.

One day, the frog realized that he was making too much of an effort to visit the mouse while the mouse never came to meet him at the pond. This made him angry, and he decided to make things right by forcefully taking him to his house.

When the mouse wasn’t looking, the frog tied a string to the mouse’s tail and tied the other end to his own leg, and hopped away. The mouse started getting dragged with him. Then, the frog jumped into the pond to swim.

However, when he looked back, he saw that the mouse had started to drown and was struggling to breathe!

The frog quickly untied the string from his tail and took him to the shore. Seeing the mouse with his eyes barely open made the frog very sad, and he immediately regretted pulling him into the pond.


Moral of the Story:


Don’t take revenge because it can be harmful to you.