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The Jang Group — the country’s largest media group, shut down three of its publications and two bureau offices, leaving more than 900 journalists and related staff jobless in one single day.

The Express Media Group and Dunya Media Group also reportedly laid off over 200 journalists, apart from cutting the salaries of the remaining workers by 15 to 35 percent in recent months.

Pay cuts are rife now and even traditionally steady employers such as the Dawn Media Group induced pay cuts. Herald, an icon of Pakistani journalism, has just produced its last edition.


The crisis hurting the print media, in particular, has three elements to it:

a) The global decline of the print media and migration of advertising to other formats, mainly TV in Pakistan’s case;

b) The combination of this with an overall economic downturn in Pakistan and;

c) A rapid rise in censorship and an environment of curtailment in Pakistan, which is turning the screws on an already beleaguered sector.

While the print media continues to adopt a hardline stance against governments, its news reporting, in general, is not equally independent — perhaps reflecting the over-dependence on government advertising. 

Over the course of 2016 to 2018, Pakistan’s overall advertisement spending on media has shown a declining trend.

This was even true for digital media against the general perception that audiences and markets are migrating online.

The total latest annual media advertising market in Pakistan — which included TV, print, radio, digital, out-of-home, and cinema categories showed a seven percent decrease from the preceding fiscal year, according to the quarterly Aurora magazine’s print edition issued in the last quarter of 2018.