Polo game rules/polo horse:

polo game rules

Basic polo game rules:


Rules | U.S. POLO ASSN.

The polo game is to manage the ball on the bottom making an attempt to get points close to the goalposts. With every goal within the polo game the team changes sides.


Polo game field area:

The polo game field is 300 by 160 yards (270 by one hundred fifty m), 9 American football game fields (10 acres), whereas arena polo is ninety-six to forty-six meters.

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Polo game match duration:


The match lasts from one to 2 hours long and is split into regular periods referred to as plays every chukker is seven and half minutes long. Matches are either four or six chukkers divided by time.



Polo horse:


Equestrian Fest, Real-Life Horse Whisperer & Bliss' Secret Polo Grounds | Features | Northern Express

Polo is not simply a game, it’s a respite for the polo players. The ground is their home and horses their mates.
 They love the game and therefore the great thing about the horses at play. The game lasts about 2 hours and consists of 4 to 6 seven-minute chukkers, between or throughout which players change mounts.
Each player will bring one horse for every play and one to a few spare horses that stand on the sidelines just in case a player’s horse gets tired.
Ball line:


Game and Rules Summary - Eastern Saints Water Polo Club


The basic rule is that the line of the ball, that is decided by the course of the moving ball.

The ground is ready for the protection of players and their ponies. a player incorporates a ball line on his right facet he has  ‘Right of way‘.

 No player could cross the road unless it’s to this point away from that there‘s a little risk of a collision or AN accident to the Player and therefore the horse concerned.

However, the road will be ‘stolen’ by alternative players, this could be done by moving the road player shoulder to shoulder, in a region referred to as ‘ride-off’, to steal the ball.

Mistakes within the court are penalized with penalties and spots. If the accident becomes too serious, the penalization is going to be severe. Penalties were shot from completely different angles.


 15 meters (one charge):

It will be protected by the enjoying team 15 meters.


Second penalty:

This penalty is not protected by the enjoying team. At the instant once a gun is dismissed one player will run to defend the goal.


 25 meters (third charge):


This penalization is not entirely secure. The player will attach the opponent’s mallet/stick, pushing him with a ball line from shoulder to shoulder.

The last player to hit the ball incorporates a right of method that no alternative player will cross unless the gap is simply too nice for any collision to be simply avoided.


Polo Chukkers:

Polo games are divided into periods referred to as ‘chukkers’. There are typically four chukkers per game however in ‘high-goal’ there are six to eight chukkers.

Each play has seven minutes and thirty seconds long, generally the chukkers are regarding six minutes and thirty seconds.

 After seven minutes Bell rang to point that there have been thirty seconds left within the game.

However among the last thirty seconds if a player makes a blunder, the ball is enjoying or striking the passengers, the play disappears.

The last play has vied till the primary bell is seven minutes long. The split between chukkers is 3 minutes long.