Pregnancy 2nd trimester workout:


Pregnancy 2nd-trimester workout:


It starts in the 14th week of pregnancy and lasts until the end of the 27th week. In pregnancy 2nd-trimester, most women experience some welcome changes.

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Most early pregnancy symptoms lighten or disappear. Most amazing of all, during this trimester, bloating in your abdomen can look like the remnants of a large meal and the beginning of a pregnant belly.

   Pregnancy 2nd-trimester baby growth:


During the pregnancy 2nd trimester, your baby has many changes. By the 18th week of pregnancy, he weighs like a chicken breast.

By the 21st week, you expect his newly coordinated arms and legs to give you minor ailments and kicks.

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By about the 23rd week, your baby will take a cue from you and start packing on pounds. In your 2nd trimester, you will have a 2-pound human in your stomach. In fact, he will double his weight in the next four weeks.


Pregnancy 2nd-trimester baby changes:


Pregnancy 2nd-trimester baby brain:


In pregnancy 2nd-trimester in the 26 weeks, your baby’s brain will begin to blink those tiny eyelids.


Pregnancy 2nd-trimester baby digestive system:


At the end of the first trimester, the baby’s digestive system is fully formed. So now in pregnancy 2nd trimester, the baby has started sucking and swallowing in preparation for life outside the womb.

He can also taste the food you eat through your amniotic fluid. The baby’s waste systems are struggling: even though he is getting his nutrition through your placenta, that swallowing means he is peeking plenty.


Pregnancy 2nd-trimester baby heart:


In pregnancy 2nd trimester 17 weeks, the baby’s heart is no longer beating, because his brain now controls his heart rate which you can hear with a stethoscope by 20 weeks. At 25 weeks, capillaries begin to carry oxygenated blood through the body.


Pregnancy 2nd-trimester Baby (hair, skin, and nails):


In pregnancy 2nd trimester at the start of  16 weeks, the baby’s first short hair begins to grow, and at 22 weeks he has hair and eyebrows. Baby skin is now covered in skin cells and, by the 19th week, the oily layer is created. Both are removed before birth.


Pregnancy 2nd-trimester baby Senses:


 At the 22nd week of pregnancy 2nd trimester, his developing senses began to sense, he began to smell, see and hear, and those little eyes began to open. Baby’s ears and eyes are moving in their proper places.

Pregnancy 2nd-trimester pregnant women body changes :


Some pregnancy symptoms may persist during 2nd  trimester (such as heartburn and constipation). At the same time, as your belly continues to grow and pregnancy hormone levels rise, others may pop up for the first time:


Varicose veins during pregnancy 2nd trimester:


You may feel congestion due to increased blood flow to the mucous membranes of your body. You may even find yourself snoring for the first time.

There are some drugs that are safe to use during pregnancy, consult your doctor.


Pregnancy 2nd-trimester swelling :


In the 22nd week of pregnancy 2nd trimester(sometimes earlier)mild swelling of the ankles and legs, which is experienced by three out of four pregnant women, and lasts until delivery.

To reduce bloating, try to stay active, kick your feet when you are not moving, avoid standing or sitting for too long.


Weight gain in pregnancy 2nd trimester:


It begins to gain weight during the next few months is likely to increase your appetite to support your growing baby. If you start your pregnancy with a normal weight, expect to gain a pound a week at a rate of a total of 14 pounds this quarter.

Avoid tension or anger:


There may be some big changes in the pregnancy 2nd trimester. Pregnancy can ruin your sex life as you and your partner experience your changing body and mood-killing symptoms such as fatigue and nausea.

Some ladies are hotter than ever, with extra blood flowing to all the right places. Communication is key to avoiding anger, so keep talking through dry mantras. Sex does not hurt your fetus.


Stay connected with health care:


 There are always some symptoms that you consult your medical care center. It includes heavy vaginal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, and fever above 101.5F.

You should care about the signs of gestational diabetes (which usually starts from the 24th to 28th week of pregnancy), including severe thirst, frequent and profuse urination, extreme fatigue and snoring.

Talk to your doctor if you notice sudden weight gain, severe swelling, and changes on the face and hands, which may be signs of preeclampsia.