Red meat (beef) bad for you:


Red meat (beef) bad for you:


 There are seven bad effects of red meat(beef) if eat in excess routine.  Try to eat red meat at a moderate level. 

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If you are trying to decide if eating red meat is safe. You should know that the following seven red flags are flown. However, you have to decide for yourself. 


1-Red meat (beef)can cause heart disease:


Scientists have repeatedly shown that by consuming large amounts of red meat. A person may suffer the risk of heart disease.

Now, according to a recent study, red meat and disease are not derived from saturated fats and cholesterol. But your gut microbes break down a compound found in meat called carnitine.

It is associated with the formation of fat in your arteries. That can lead to a heart attack.


2-Risk of Alzheimer’s disease:


When proteins such as tau and beta-amyloid accumulate in the brain. Scientists believe they can block or kill nerve cells that leading to Alzheimer’s disease.

A new study suggests that iron accumulation is another important factor. Using an unusual MRI method, the researchers found that iron began to accumulate in the brains.

In particular, they found this structure in one part of the brain. Which is usually damaged in the early stages of the disease. How does it relate to red meat? Well, it is full of iron, and too much red meat can cause iron to build up.

3-Risk of colon cancer:

Very few studies have shown that red meat can cause colon cancer. According to a U.S. study of 148,610 people between the ages of 50 and 74. A high intake of red meat increased the risk of colon cancer.

Fish and birds have the opposite effect. If used long-term consumption of large amounts of these has been shown to prevent colon cancer.


4-Risk of Type 2 diabetes:

According to recent research, red meat consumption increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Three extra red meat each week increases the risk of diabetes by 50 percent. This is a disappointing statistic.


5-Risk of mad cow disease:

Mad cow disease was first diagnosed in the United Kingdom in 1986 and has since grown into a full-scale epidemic, affecting 180,000 livestock over the next fifteen years.

There is ample evidence that it causes a variant of Kretsfeld-Jacob disease, which is not only fatal but can kill you within fourteen months of being diagnosed.

So far, only three cases (worldwide) have been reported in the US, but that number is growing.