Thyroid in women causes, symptoms and further complications:

thyroid in women


Thyroid in women causes, symptoms, and further complications:



Thyroid Disease & Pregnancy | NIDDK


Do you feel bored, gain or lose a few pounds, or have trouble sleeping?  These common complaints can be symptoms of many conditions, including thyroid disorder. 


For women, changes in the menstrual cycle can cause thyroid problems, but many factors can affect the functioning of the menstrual cycle.


It is infected by more than 200 million Americans. Which exceeds the number of people with asthma or heart disease.

Because many of the symptoms of thyroid disease are so common, many people with a thyroid condition go undiagnosed, as the problem is difficult to pinpoint.


Thyroid glands:


Lumps in the thyroid are painless, so it is usually felt in the patient’s throat during a regular physical examination by a physician.

Big troubles have often seen when shaving or applying makeup. It can cause difficulty swallowing and breathing or thickening. In rare cases, lumps can cause hyperthyroidism.


Some common thyroid problems are related to the level of hormones. It is produced by the thyroid, an organ that weighs 10-30 grams. It is located in the front of your throat. Hormones produced by the thyroid regulate the body’s immune system.




While the thyroid produces too many hormones.

When the thyroid produces very few thyroid hormones.

Increases the development of thyroid tumors or thyroid cancer.


Symptoms of thyroid or hyperthyroidism:



Goiter: Causes, treatment, types, and symptoms


Running heart.
Excessive sweating.
Heat intolerance.
Frequent bowel movements.
Hair loss.
Weight loss.
A goiter.


Symptoms of a degenerative thyroid:


Delay in physical activity.
Muscle weakness.
Unusual period.
Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.


Most patients with hypothyroidism have no symptoms, so a blood test is important.


Thyroid cancer:


What women need to know about thyroid conditions | Your Pregnancy Matters | UT Southwestern Medical Center

In the case of thyroid cancer, patients usually see no symptoms.

The cancer is seen as a lump or nodule in the neck scan or when imaging tests such as ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI.

These tests are performed on an unrelated condition. In rare cases, thyroid cancer causes pain, difficulty swallowing, or thickening.


Women are more likely to get thyroid cancer than men. Many types of thyroid cancer can be completely removed by surgery, and survival rates are very high.


Most people with goiter do not know that goiter is not enough to experience or see it.

Guitars grow in large sizes before producing symptoms such as difficulty breathing or difficulty swallowing or changes in voice.


The good news is that thyroid disorders are easier to treat with thyroid medications, or, in some cases, easier surgery.


Thyroid in pregnant women:


This should be discussed with your obstetrician for pregnant women, or for people with known thyroid conditions (or their history).


While thyroid disease does not occur during pregnancy, the production of stimulant hormones in pregnancy can affect the thyroid.


After pregnancy, many women are known to develop thyroid dysfunction. These women often have antibodies circulating in the thyroid gland.


The thyroid gland may also be enlarged during pregnancy. It is due to iodine in the urine may be excreted at a higher rate than normal. It may be causing the thyroid gland to increase returns.