What is hysteria? symptoms and treatment:

female hysteria

What is hysteria? symptoms and treatment:


What is hysteria?

It is mental instability, fits of anger, anxiety. Things that actually happen when you get sick or hurt. Hysteria symptoms are some visual factors and its treatment is available Worldwide.


There is much history to the definition and diagnosis of hysteria. Explore the beginnings of hysteria in Greece through animal magnetism, vibrators, and, finally, shell shock in World War I.

 It has been recognized by women for centuries, their unstable behavior, the need to be physically tame, and their weak mental constitution.


Causes of hysteria?

Past trauma, Conflict, Unnecessary stress, Sexual or aggressive behavior, Sexual repression, Hereditary factors. Family history of neurosis, Fear, Masturbation, Chronic illness, Brain tumor, Dementia.


Symptoms of hysteria?


Partial paralysis.

Temporary blindness or tunnel vision.

Sensory disturbances such as sight, smell, touch, and orgasm of taste.

The involuntary movements of the inside of the eyeball rolling contracted the facial muscles.


Hysteria treatment:



 Medications may be used for depression or anxiety according to the doctor’s advice. 


Homeopathic cure of hysteria:


Many homeopathic remedies can help relieve hysteria symptoms. Homeopathy treatment is best for hysteria. It based on the features that help to improve the symptoms.



There are various methods for treating mental health, emotional. Psychotherapy helps the patient understand.


Hysteria symptoms and Social treatment:




 In some cases, it is better than talking to each other in person. Some people in private may feel more embarrassed and stressed about their anxiety while on the phone.

Talking to someone on the phone takes a tremendous amount of brainpower. It means you are taking your mind off your anxiety. When you hear a calm voice at the other end of the phone.



Being in one place can make your thoughts and symptoms run wild. It will improve blood flow, improve breathing, and help create a natural vision.



Sometimes it is important to let go of that emotion. Sometimes the best way to do this is to shout out loud. It is a way to accept your emotions and energize your blood and energy. 

Hysteria is a type of social disease and it need help from family, friends, relatives.